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Contact Hispanic Horizons any time, and we will be very happy to assist you! We take Spanish classes in Mumbai and online, from any part of the world. We are the only Accredited Instituto Cervantes Institute in India, so our certification for Spanish language courses, is of international prestige. Contact Hispanic Horizons to know more. 



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January 1, Saturday, New Year

January 26, Wednesday, Republic Day

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April 15, Friday, Good Friday

April 17, Sunday, Easter

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August 15, Monday, Independence Day

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October 2, Sunday: Gandhi Yayanti

October 5, Wednesday, Dussehra

October 24 & 25, Monday & Tuesday, Diwali

December 25 & 26, Sunday & Monday, Christmas


Frequently Asked

Do you teach any other language besides Spanish?

No, we are specialized in Spanish language, and we teach only Spanish, but we do translations in different languages.

What in the validity & value of your certificate?

Our certificate has a life long validity, and it    has international prestige, since it carries the Instituto Cervantes logo. 

What is the difference between e-elearning courses and videoconference courses?

The difference between e-learning courses and videoconference courses, is the following: in the e-learning courses, all the materials are in our elearning platform, and every student has access to it any time, whenever he wants. The videoconference courses are like in classroom courses, in real time, and we do exactly the same as in the classroom courses, and even have a white board and work in groups when required. 

What are the modes of payment accepted?

We accept cash, cheque, bank transfers & any type of online payment. 

How many students do you take in one class?

We take in between 8 to 15 students. We prefer small groups, since it will facilitate the conversation in the class. Therefore, we do not take more than 15 students per class.

Is Spanish language difficult?

That depends on many factors like your facility to learn languages, which is your mother tongue, your age, etc. But we can say that to start speaking Spanish is not difficult. Spanish is a very phonetic language, easy to start with. The higher levels are little more difficult because of the grammar. But Spanish in general is not a difficult language to learn.

Can I attend the cultural activities, even if I am not an HH student?

Yes, you can, our cultural activities are open for all. We want to spread the Hispanic culture.

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