Are you wondering why to learn Spanish, how easy Spanish is, how Spanish can help you in your business or which one is the official institute in the world for Spanish, or the official accreditations for Spanish language Institutes? Then check our Spanish classes in Mumbai FAQ, and other questions related to Spanish language classes. 

Hispanic Horizons is the official Spanish language center for Spanish classes in Mumbai (Instituto Cervantes Accreditation). Contact us if you need any help. 

FAQ about Spanish language

Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken language in the world, after English. It is the 3rd most spoken language in the world after Chinese and English; it is the 2nd most used language in Business, and the 3rd one most used in Internet after English; Chinese. Apart from Spain, a total of twenty countries in Latin America have Spanish as their first language, plus Equatorial Guinea in Africa. A significant number of the population of other countries also use it. People say that if you know Spanish & English, you can communicate with a great amount of people in the world, make many new friends, and travel the world in a much more comfortable way.

Is Spanish difficult?

That depends on many factors like your facility to learn languages, which is your mother tongue, your age, etc. But we can say that to start speaking Spanish is not difficult. Spanish is a very phonetic language, easy to start with. You can learn how to pronounce Spanish in just one day. The higher levels are little more difficult because of the grammar. But Spanish in general is not a difficult language to learn.

Can Spanish help me in my business?

If you are a business person, you will not want to lose a big market of prospect clients or buyers who speak Spanish (many of them do not know English). To know Spanish can be a great asset for your business. Also in a globalised world like todays, to know a language like Spanish is a huge advantage to get better jobs. Besides you can get Spanish related jobs like teaching, translations, interpretations, consulate jobs, etc. 

Which is the official institute for Spanish language classes in the world? Is there such institute in India?

The official Institute for Spanish language in the world is Instituto Cervantes. The Cervantes Institute is a worldwide non-profit organisation created by the Government of Spain in 1991. This organisation has branched out in over 45 different countries with 86 centres devoted to the Spanish and Hispanic American culture and Spanish Language. Instituto Cervantes has also 44 accredited centres in the world, outside Spain. The Cervantes Accreditation is the Sole international accreditation for institutions teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Which is the official Spanish Language Institute in Mumbai like Alliance Francaise for French, or Max Muller Bhavan for German?

Hispanic Horizons is the official Spanish language institute in Mumbai because it is an accredited center of Instituto Cervantes. It is the only Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center in India, and the 6th one in Asia (International Accreditation). It is run by Spanish nationals. They have certified Spanish classes in the classroom and online.If you live in Delhi, you can study in Instituto Cervantes there. It is the official center for Spanish in New Delhi.

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